Call for research participants (interviews and -later- diary entries)

If you are a gig economy worker who is disabled, neurodiverse and/or chronically ill (and who lives in the UK), I would like to speak to you (via Skype during the pandemic, or face-to-face after the end of the lockdown) about your experiences of work, rest, and social/financial security and hopes for the future, for an hour-long interview. I intend to interview workers/employees from a wide variety of sectors/roles and types of organisations (to the extent possible) that could include logistics, hospitality, administration, beauty, repair and maintenance services (i.e. TaskRabbit), arts and entertainment, cleaning, education, sex work, and foster care (the list above is not exhaustive).

I am also looking for participants who may be interested in keeping a diary over the period of eight weeks, either via an app or by writing in a hard copy notebook. The diary keeping activity would take place in the early Autumn.

Information regarding the project, compensation, and the form to show your interest in participating can be found here:

If you know anyone else who might be interested in this project, I would appreciate if you could forward this message to them. Thank you!

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