Call for interview participants – update

As I have undertaken more than 20 interviews with disabled, neurodiverse and/or chronically ill gig economy workers in different sectors, from today onwards I am narrowing down the criteria for selection, in order to encourage participation by workers with experiences that are different from those of the previous participants. Ideally over the next two months, I will be seeking to interview the following potential participants – disabled, neurodiverse, and/or chronically ill gig economy workers:

  • who have already shown interest in participating (please email me to arrange a date for the interview)
  • with no recourse to public funds (non-EU workers) who work in any sector
  • who identify as Gypsy, Roma, and/or Traveller
  • who identify as Black
  • who work as sex workers
  • who work in the beauty sector
  • who identify as D/deaf
  • who work for a ‘platform company’ (TaskRabbit, Deliveroo, Uber or others).
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