Great news as this Spring/Summer we’ll get to read two new excellent books on disability struggles in the UK! ?

This Spring/Summer will see the launch of books on disablement written by two fantastic socialist activists who have contributed a great deal to the UK’s disabled people’s movement and organisations. Make sure you set some time aside to read them!

Cover photo of More Than A Left Foot - it features a photo of the author and a fellow activist“More Than a Left Foot” by Bob Williams-Findlay
due to come out in May 2020

About the book: “The book places the struggles for the emancipation of disabled people within the context of Bob’s life journey. Born with cerebral palsy in 1951, he spent a third of his life in segregated education. But he was to go on and influence both theory and practice in many differing arenas, becoming a student leader and a scholar activist. Bob traces his experience of life, discrimination and political awakening both as an individual and as part of a specific social group. This journey links disability politics to a wider politics within students, disabled peoples, trade union and labour movements. The book concludes with sober commentary of the on-going struggle against disablement and capitalism”.

Order it here (when it becomes available).

“The War on Disabled People” by Ellen Clifford
due to come out in June 2020

About the book: “In 2016, a United Nations report found the UK government culpable for ‘grave and systematic violations’ of disabled people’s rights. Since then, driven by the Tory government’s obsessive drive to slash public spending whilst scapegoating the most disadvantaged in society, the situation for disabled people in Britain has continued to deteriorate. Punitive welfare regimes, the removal of essential support and services, and an ideological regime that seeks to deny disability has resulted in a situation described by the UN as a ‘human catastrophe’. In this searing account, Ellen Clifford – an activist who has been at the heart of resistance against the war on disabled people – reveals precisely how and why this state of affairs has come about. From spineless political opposition to self-interested disability charities, rightwing ideological myopia to the media demonization of benefits claimants, a shocking picture emerges of how the government of the fifth-richest country in the world has been able to marginalize disabled people with near-impunity. Even so, and despite austerity biting ever deeper, the fightback has begun, with a vibrant movement of disabled activists and their supporters determined to hold the government to account – the slogan ‘Nothing About Us Without Us’ has never been so apt.  As this book so powerfully demonstrates, if Britain is to stand any chance of being a just and equitable society, their battle is one we should all be fighting”.

Pre-order it here.