End of diary keeping phase

The diary keeping phase ended on the 2nd of November.

Thank you so much to all experts-by-experience who have so generously shared knowledge with me through the project this year, via interviews and/or diaries. Last week I contacted everyone with a short update about the project, and ten final short interviews took place this week. In the video updates to interviewees and also to diarists, I shared a few thoughts regarding the trajectory, scale and timeline of the project, and the various struggles I’ve faced during the Covid19 pandemic as a researcher.

The pandemic has taken its toll on everyone, in so many respects – health- and work-wise to name but a few. I’m immensely grateful to everyone’s kind and invaluable input and trust (and I really hope not to disappoint!), especially during such a troubling year. In other words: things have not gone as planned on my part in terms of managing to concentrate & ‘produce’ as much work as I would have liked (for many many reasons) but the one consistent factor during the process (that kept me going) has been everyone’s kindness and enthusiasm!

On a related note: everyone deserves more rest. I hope that you, the reader of this short post are having a restful week.

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