Never been part of a project before? No problem! Here’s what you can expect to happen prior, during and after the interview

More information regarding the project, consent, and other matters can be found here:

Before we meet:

  • Please have a think about when it would be best for us to hold the interview and please let me know anything else that I should be taking into consideration, in the run-up to the interview
  • Due to my knowledge of ASL and BSL being limited to only knowing the alphabets, an interpreter would be needed if you use Sign Language. If you have a preferred BSL, ASL, or deafblind interpreter, please let me know so I can seek their service for the interview and so I can secure funding to pay for it. If you do not have a preferred interpreter, I am happy to contact an organisation; I have been in touch with Action on Hearing Loss (who offer face-to-face interpreting) and a few other organisations (from whom I am waiting to hear back). 
  • I am equally interested in having interviews either indoors (cafes, libraries), online (via Skype or other platforms) or outdoors (parks, close to your workplace, or other public spaces) while sitting, standing, or walking. Please let me know which option works best for you, depending on what you find most comfortable and interesting.
  • If you prefer to think/prepare for the interview before we meet, please let me know. I’m happy to give you more details about it either via email or a phone conversation. 

During the meeting:

  • We will start by discussing the motivation behind the project and its aims, and a consent form will be present to be signed; alternatively, I could audio-record your consent.
  • If you are happy with the setting, aims of the project, and have signed the consent form/been recorded consenting, we can start the conversation. I will have a few questions to ask, and I will also follow up with questions based on your responses. 
  • The conversation will be informal; we can pause and resume whenever needed, and if you feel that at any point you would like to stop the interview or involvement in the project, that is absolutely fine and I will respect your wishes. 
  • At the end of the meeting I will ask whether you are happy to receive a short report based upon my overall interview stories. We will also discuss the possibility (and whether you would like) of you keeping a diary for approximately 8 weeks, reflecting on your daily experiences of work and rest.

Diaries (online or hard copies) – starting in Autumn 2020 – More Information to be made public soon

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