The diary keeping phase of the project starts on the 7th of September!

Having undertaken 26 interviews (the invite for interviews remains open to gig economy workers with particular experiences – visit this page for more details), it is now time to move onto the second phase of the empirical part of the project: diary keeping about disabled, neurodivergent, and/or chronically ill gig economy workers’ experiences of work, rest, resistance, and the social security system.

I have emailed all participants who had shown interest in potentially keeping a diary and I am in the process of receiving confirmations and consent forms for participation. All diaries will start on the 7th of September and will last for 8 weeks, until the 2nd of November. Alongside the usual submissions, I have put together a list of prompting questions for each week. I am also considering keeping a diary myself too.

This will be a busy Autumn and I cannot wait to start this phase! 

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