Websites and blogs with academic and bodymind experience-based information 

  1. Disability Archive (Leeds University Centre for Disability Studies):
  2. Disability Studies Quarterly:
  3. Chronically Academic:
  4. Disability News Service:
  5. Rest for Resistance:
  6. The Nap Ministry:
  7. The National Coalition For Latinx with Disabilities:
  8. The Poor Side of Life:
  9. Benefits in the Future:
  10. Recovery in the Bin Advice Links:
  11. No end in sight: – personal stories about life with chronic illness
  12. A chronic voice: 
  13. Black Girls Lost Keys:
  14. Despite Pain:
  15. Life with Spina Bifida:
  16. Same Difference:
  17. You Fat Friend:
  18. Daisy the Chronic Invalid:]
  19. Dr Charlotte Cooper’s freely available written resources on fat activism:
  20. Crip Camp:
  21. Still Ill + That’s Ok:
  22. Disability Arts Online:
  23. Neurodiversity is for everyone:
  24. Brain Lesion and Me: Living Life with a Neurological Disorder:

Work and economy-related websites of think tanks and other groups (+ a few blog posts)

  1. Autonomy UK (thinktank)
  2. 4Day week campaign:
  3. FuturesOfWork:
  4. Centre for Labour and Social Studies:
  5. New Economics Foundation:
  6. Surviving Work:
  7. Six Theses in, against, and beyond the University:
  8. What is academic labour?
  9. Viewpoint Magazine:
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